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    «Memory foam» is a unique hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly material which easily remembers the shape of the body, creating an incredible sense of comfort.
PRP is an environmentally friendly and waterproof material, durable, flexible, resilient and safe.

Orthopedic properties: even load distribution, ensuring the correct position of the spine during sleep.

Anatomical properties: surface contours of the body which are taken by the mattress and more evenly distributes the pressure.
Bonnel i.e. frameless box spring.
Coco mat i.e. coconut fiber.
Aromatic sea grass.
Aloe Vera is a natural material which is added to the fabrics of mattress covers.
Cotton is a natural material creating an optimum microclimate in warm seasons.
Thermo fibers protects the mattress from soft layers of springs, prolongs the life of the mattress.
Sheep's wool is a natural material that retains heat.
One side with cotton layer creates an optimum microclimate in summer.
One side of fleece retains warmth and comfort in winter.

Removable cover for the practical use of our products at home.

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