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About the Company - BRASH

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«BRASH» Ltd was established more than 10 years ago, specializing in the production of polyurethane foam forming, used in own production for the manufacture of chairs, seats for road and rail transport, furniture and consumer goods as mattresses, pillows, mattress covers and furthermore. During the time, «BRASH» has established close relationships with other manufacturers in Ukraine, the CIS, and abroad. All manufactured products are approved by the State sanitary and epidemiological Authorities. Our company has considerable experience in manufacturing components for upholstered furniture, sofas, chairs and other products made of molded polyurethane foam, which has a much higher performance for quality and durability compared to similar products made from foam rubber

Foam is an environmentally friendly material, with the advantages of high flexibility, durability, and hypoallergenic. Thanks to modern production techniques, polyurethane retains elasticity and shape for a long time. Molded foam is made by a mixing multi-component system of chemicals, fed into a form and shaped at least for 15 minutes. The technological process of manufacturing of soft pieces of furniture starts with the model design of the form for the soft part of a backrest, seat, headrest, mattress, cushion, or armrest. On the basis of the made model, the mould is filled with polyurethane foam and processed to the required density and elasticity. Products made of foam remain elastic properties at temperatures ranging from minus 20 to plus 60° C, resistant to oils, fungus, and they are not hygroscopic. Given that the models and forms are made directly by our company, we can make the soft detail of any configuration according to customer requirements. The latest achievement of our company is the development a new type of material: memory foam VIP. This visco-elastic foam has a microporous structure and a unique ability to remember the shape of the body, ideally repeating it and creating a unique feeling of comfort.


Our mattresses have only one drawback: you do not want to get up in the morning!

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