Brash Metal Constructions Plant

A reliable and audited partner with prosperous experience, full-cycle production, a team of professional specialists, strong relations with the suppliers, and comprehensive service guarantees is beneficial cooperation for everyone. The metal constructions plant  “BRASH” offers certified production of its manufacture — metal constructions for various purposes, school and medical furniture, armchairs for assembly halls, products from polyurethane foam, children’s playgrounds.

All products are of high quality, functionality, durability, practicality and meet sanitary norms, GOSTs and DSTU. We provide projection services of metal structures, processing of cutting, bending, the colouring of metal on innovative equipment with modern technology. Due to production facilities, we perform serial production of goods and manufacture an exclusive design for individual orders.

Work Process


Technology produced by the world’s best manufacturers and picked up by experienced staff


Long-term guarantees, terms are time-tested


Consultations and design, services of the designer


Timing of orders, quick response in case of unforeseen circumstances

Reliable metal structures and metal products from the company Brash

The main task of our company is to provide customers with a comprehensive professional service to provide all necessary services. To this end, we have organised a design bureau, set up a high-tech production line, complete with equipment for manufacturing and processing metal structures at all stages. Also, our metalwork factory has:

  • area for testing prototypes and conducting tests;
  • the size of forms and models;
  • subdivision for production of serial products.


Since 2000 we have been producing steel structures of various complexity. During this time, we have created:

  • production facilities in Lviv with an area of 2500 m2;
  • production facilities in Stryi with an area of 15000 m2;
  • production facilities in Sambor with an area of 2000 m2.


More than 100 Ukrainian companies are among our regular customers. We also have partners from Eastern Europe. We would welcome organisations, holdings, corporations of different ownership forms to mutually beneficial cooperation.

The main directions and services of our company

The main specialisation of our company is working with metal structures of different purposes. The list of services offered by “BRASH” company includes:

  • metalwork design, development of KM drawings, schemes, development of individual sketches with load calculations;
  • manufacturing of metalwork using company’s equipment, with passing the technical control at every stage;
  • laser cutting using innovative equipment;
  • metal bending (sheets, pipes) of any complexity;
  • powder coating with high-quality corrosion-resistant compositions.


Even though our plant produces metal structures for buildings and structures, we perform design and manufacture:

  • seats for railway cars, driver’s chairs;
  • armchairs for auditoriums;
  • school and medical furniture;
  • metal supports;
  • products from elastic moulded polyurethane foam;
  • children’s playgrounds and sports grounds.

Lviv company Brash

Work Process

About the company

The team employs highly qualified engineering and technical staff, specialists and professionally trained workers.

Within the structure of the enterprise there is a design bureau, a section of samples and tests, a section of forms and models, directly production unit of serial production.

Our contacts


The structure of the company has a design bureau, a site of prototypes


The team employs highly qualified engineering and technical staff


All our products have international certificates of conformity and meet the requirements of DSTU

19 years of successful company experience

During this time, we have developed partnerships with leading Eastern European support

Own production


our products

To be our partner

2500 m2 in Lviv


15000 m2 in Stryi



We meet the requirements of DSTU

IN SAMBOR 2000 m2



The company was founded in 2000

5 reasons to work with us

The structure of the company has a design bureau, a site of prototypes
The team employs highly qualified engineering and technical staff
The company provides a closed cycle of development, preparation of production and production of products
Our products have a certificate of conformity of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the state certification system UkrSEPRO
“BRASH” LLC is a modern, mobile enterprise that is interested in cooperation with consumers on mutually beneficial terms

Advantages of working with us

Why is our plant of metal constructions a guaranteed reliable and profitable partner? Among the advantages of working with us:

  • availability of our own design bureau and product testing area;
  • full-cycle production base, equipped with powerful modern equipment;
  • high quality of metal constructions, documented (certificates of conformity registered in the system UkrSEPRO);
  • a wide range of products from standard steel structures for construction to the exclusive design of metal products, FPU;
  • affordable prices and loyalty programs for customers and partners.


Our company “BRASH” is the leading manufacturer of steel structures in the Ukrainian market with high potential. If you cooperate with us, you get a comprehensive service, which includes consultations of qualified specialists, projection experienced designers, production and subsequent processing of metal by professional artisans.


Having production facilities in Lviv, Stryi, Sambor, we deliver all over Ukraine. Please contact us via the online form available on the website or call our managers by phone to place your order.

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