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Practical and reliable medical furniture is necessary for polyclinics, inpatient hospitals, dentists, sanatoriums, massage parlours, maternity hospitals. Medical furniture items not only increase the comfort of institutions but also contribute to better patient care, can be used as storage systems, support elements stand. Our company “BRASH” manufactures medical furniture using innovative technologies, following the requirements of current standards.

If you are interested in custom-made medical furniture, please address our planning and design office. The products will be made according to the individual drawings, using modern materials. We offer universal as well as specific pieces of furniture made of metal, ecological components natural wood. Medical furniture produced at our company is certified, meets the requirements of the GOST standards and is allowed to be used by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Features of the production of medical furniture

During designing and manufacturing furniture takes into account all the norms and rules of safety, ergonomics. Certified quality materials are used for production, which has the following properties:

  •   resistance to wear, loads, intensive operation, corrosion, treatment with high-efficiency disinfectants;
  •   no harmful effects on humans, the environment;
  •   safety in use (without sharp corners and parts that can lead to injury).

If these are beds, the design is thought out to the smallest detail and may include:

  •   removable panels near the base and also near the head;
  •   rotary rollers with fixing elements;
  •   adjustable zones of head restraints, hip and back sections;
  •   the plastic crash barriers that prevent damage to walls, corners while moving the bed;
  •       the mattress has limiters;
  •       lateral supports;
  •       electric drive for control.

If it is another medical furniture, the products are adapted to the anatomical features of patients and the fields of use. For furniture that is subject to frequent transportation, functional wheels (rollers) are provided to ensure mobility. Closet and pedestals have reliable retractable systems, spacious drawers and shelves.

Types of medical furniture

Our range offers versatile and functional medical furniture that can be installed in hospitals and inpatient facilities, multidisciplinary clinics and private offices. Thanks to our full-cycle production, our company “BRASH” can supply to every medical institution such products as:

  •       tables;
  •       couches;
  •       beds;
  •       pedestals;
  •       closets;
  •       wheeled bed;
  •       chairs;
  •       benches;
  •       stand and IV poles;
  •       trolleys, etc…

The offered medical furniture is designed in our design bureau by professional engineers. There is a possibility of testing exclusive models if they are the production of serial products.

medical bed
medical bed

Advantages of medical furniture from BRASH company

The products are ergonomic, safe for both patients and staff. With the help of medical furniture of our production, optimal conditions for diagnosis, patient admission, medical procedures, and emergency care. Also, the medical furniture that we manufacture is fraught with the following advantages:

  •   widespread compliance international standards as well as Ukraine standards;
  •   stylish design, no unnecessary details;
  •       increased reliability, wear resistance, practicality;
  •       official guarantees for all the standpoints;
  •       affordable price from the manufacturer.
Медичний штатив

How to place an order?

Remember that medical furniture has to be entered into the Public Records of Ukraine. This condition allows the use of products in medical institutions of any type. In our company “BRASH” you can buy exactly such products. To place an order, use the online form on the website or contact us by phone call or messenger convenient for you. Delivery of medical furniture is possible as well as in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.




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