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Metal structures are used in lots of areas like individual, commercial and industrial buildings, production of furniture, fences, street furniture, trailers, seat frames, interior design products, signs and more.  Our company “BRASH” produces metal structures of different difficulty levels and sizes, including design, development of blueprints, laser cutting, welding and coating.

We can produce any orders of an easy and complicated metal structure due to our own design bureau and full-cycle production. You can contact us if you are looking for the design and manufacturing of metal trusses, beams, columns, ceilings, grids, stairs, fences, gates, embedded parts, screw piles as well as pre-fabricated buildings,  sheds or pavilions and more.

Ordering production of metal structure

In our factory, the production of metal structures is done on modern equipment, by professional specialists with designs according to clients ideas. All our products stand out by high quality, reliability, durability and comply with the technical plan, design solutions and meet requirements of current norms and standards.


After receiving an order from the client production process is divided into 3 main stages:

  1. Designing blueprints with detailed descriptions and load calculations on the joints ( if there is a need for designing);
  2. Development of cutting maps and laser cutting;
  3. Assembly of a metal structure with welding.


The process might include a coating of metal surfaces. Usually, we use powder coating with an anti-corrosion compound.

Work Process
Виготовлення металоконструкцій

Metal structure production of any complexity and size of order

Our company organized a full-cycle production that allows us to manufacture structures for individual one-time orders as well as mass production. Experienced designers and engineers develop blueprints of any complexity for private, commercial and industrial facilities. Our factory organized a process of laser cutting using innovative technology. With such modern laser equipment we can process: 

  • Brass, bronze with a  thickness up to 5 mm;
  • Aluminium with thickness up to 8 mm;
  • Stainless steel with thickness no more than 10 mm;
  • Balck metals with thickness up to 20 mm;

The positioning accuracy is 0.05 mm, which ensures high quality of production. It’s possible to get GOST and Ukrainian State Standard certificates for finished products.

Different metal structures types

In our company, we offer the production of metal structures according to clients orders and designed blueprints. It could be:

  • Metal frames and covering;
  • Beams, trusses, columns;
  • Embedded parts;
  • Furniture elements (for a household, school, medical institutions, HoReCa facilities, seats for railway transport and more);
  • Prefabricated structures ( sheds, street furniture, warehouses, greenhouses etc);
  • Stairs and fences;
  • Gusset plates;
  • Connecting parts ( bolts, anchors);
  • Nets and grids;
  • Metal support structures;
  • Gates;
  • Sports grounds;
  • Signs and more.

Also, we offer laser cutting of metal sheets and welding work for one time orders.

Виготовлення металоконструкцій
Виготовлення металоконструкцій
Виготовлення металоконструкцій
Виготовлення металоконструкцій

Metal structures coating types

Today we use a couple of different coating types for metal structures:

  • Galvanization ( cold and hot);
  • Coating with polymer compounds;
  • Painting ( with alkyd and hammer paint);
  • Powder coating.

Many years of experience shows that the most optimal option for steel structures coating is the powder coating method.

Metal structures design

We’re offering design of metal structures if you’re planning on reconstruction or building something as well when you need to make a complex product or organise mass production. Our design office has the necessary material and technical resources as well as qualified and experienced engineers. The metal structures design is carried out in special software, taking into account all construction norms and regulations.

Types of design work of our company

Complex service for our clients is not only quality production of metal structures. Statistically speaking, no less than in 70% of cases the client needs primarily design. In designing services are included:

  • Technical plan composition based on clients ideas and information collected by our specialists;
  • Blueprints and diagrams development;
  • Technical specifications preparation.

Design time

The time needed to design a metal structure depends on the complexity of the task and the workload of the design office. You can always clarify details and deadlines by contacting our specialists.

Design Areas

We execute the design and production of metal structures for various areas, including:

  • Industrial facilities;
  • Commercial companies;
  • Private houses;
  • Utilities;
  • Construction sites etc.

Cost of work

You can find out the cost of designing metal structures as well as manufacturing according to the design plan, by contacting our managers. The prices are indicated in the price list as well.

Blueprints development

While designing buildings, structures and other complex objects that require a metal frame, base, foundation it is necessary to develop metal structures blueprints first.  Metal structure production is carried out based on blueprints. Our team will create a project, prepare all necessary documentation for the result to meet all your requirements and expectations.

We work in Lviv, Stryi and in other cities in Ukraine. To order metal structure projects, laser product cutting, welding work, powder coating you can by filling the form on the website or give us a call.


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