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You can use the playgrounds manufactured by our company “BRASH” for arranging outside areas of new buildings, apartment buildings of the secondary real-estate market, parks and squares, school yards, pre-school and daycare yards, sanatoriums, recreation centers and complexes, medical clinics and children hospitals. Every playground that we produce fully complies with all sanitary and hygienic regulations, Governmental Standard (GOST) and Ukrainian government standards (DSTU).


On our own full-cycle manufacture we design playgrounds, assemble constructions of any type, size, purpose and complexity. Having at our disposal vehicles and experienced technicians, we take care of playground installation on a turn-key basis that covers product delivery on specified address, arranging the area and performing welding work if needed.


Childrens’ playground - high-quality materials and safety always come first

On the development stage, our designers take into account all standards and regulations, different needs and interests of kids of all ages and customers’ wishes. Any play area that we produce has the following advantages:

  • Safety. Sports and exercise equipment, swings, slides, play nets, carousels are all maximally adapted for children of all ages ( kids under 3 yo, children between 3-6 yo, pre-teenagers between 7-14 yo). Our products are automated,  don’t have any sharp corners and are assembled with reliable fasteners. 
  • A pretty design that brightens your mood and surroundings. Playgrounds and sports areas for kids are bright and colorful, which would definitely make your kid happy. 
  • Versatility. Different models could be installed in the garden of an apartment building, backyard of your residential house as well as in the amusement park, summer camp or territory of your vacation house/ cabin. 
  • Durability. For manufacturing our product we use wear-resistant powder for coloring and high-quality metal. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Our playgrounds are created without using any toxic materials so it’s not harmful to people and the environment.

Main differences of main playgrounds

How do you make a playground stand out? Here are some important criteria:

  • Compliance of playground with kids age. That could be swings and sandpits for babies and sports equipment for older kids. 
  • Functionality. Equipment should not only brighten the mood but also have a positive impact on kids’ physical development.
  • Equipment resistance to mechanical damage and climate aggression. Product quality depends on metal type and thickness, processing method and coloring technology. The better the quality, the better the playground is protected from outdoor negative impact. 

What do you pay attention to while choosing your playground?

Experts recommend paying attention to the following criteria while choosing a playground:

  • Materials and accessory quality;
  • Design;
  • Age group;
  • Overall dimensions of each piece of construction;
  • Functionality;
  • Equipment.

“Brash” playground manufacture

Why is it better to order your playground from “Brash”? We offer a wide range of equipment:

  • Swings, carousels, balance swings;
  • Different types of slides;
  • Outdoors exercise equipment;
  • Horizontal bars;
  • Different types of ladder and climbing equipment;
  • Sandpits;
  • Swedish wall bars;
  • Gymnastic rings; 
  • Little play houses and pavilions:
  • Labyrinths. 


Classic playgrounds are available for order as well as development play stands, equipment for Parkour, Workout areas, adventure (rope) parks, areas for roller skating, skating and scooters. By working with us you get modern,  high quality, safe and durable equipment. Shipment is possible around cities in Ukraine.



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