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Modern school furniture meets the requirements of current standards, sanitary and hygienic regulatory norms and ergonomics, is ecologically compatible, safe for a child and the environment. Our company “BRASH” carries out the production of school furniture of certified quality and stylish design. Furniture items are created using innovative construction design solutions developed by our specialists at the premises of our own construction design office.

The offered products are suitable for educational institutions of different types, can be used to equip classrooms, student audiences and teachers’ offices. The school desk and chairs of our production increase the comfort of students during the learning process, help to avoid fatigue, and contribute to the prevention of various diseases of the supporting-motor apparatus. You can purchase separate units of furniture or order sets that fully meet the requirements of the reform of Ukrainian schools.



Furnishing items for classrooms, audiences, assembly halls and teachers’ rooms should provide convenience, safety, and efficiency of educational processes. There are several main types of furniture for schools, among which there are the following:

–      desks (single or double);

–      chairs;

–      tables for teachers.

There is also a category of storeroom furniture for educational institutions, which includes storage systems (cabinets, stands, shelves), benches for corridors and gyms, chairs for assembly halls, hangers for dressing rooms, furniture for school laboratories, a medical office, boards and more. We offer the production of school furniture in accordance with your order, in the required configuration and in the required quantity.

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Serial production of school furniture, as well as the manufacture of separate products, is based on the current regulatory norms and standards of Ukraine. The main requirements for school furniture include:

–      ecological compatibility;

–      safety;

–      ergonomics;

–      full compliance with National State Standards, State Standards of Ukraine, sanitary and hygienic rules.

The material for furniture units is selected to be non-toxic, with paint and varnish coating – without any harmful impurities. The sizes of desks and chairs are regulated by standards and correspond to age and height groups. In addition, the furniture should be:

–      resistant regarding mechanical damage, dirt, moisture, fungus, mould;

–      convenient in operational activity, without sharp corners;

–      reliable, stable, withstanding the design limit load;

–      easy to care for with the ability to be washed with antiseptic compounds;

–      made in a beautiful design.

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There are several important criteria, by which experts recommend choosing school furniture:

      adaptation to the anatomical characteristics of children. Our assortment includes anti-scoliosis desks;

      sizes. There are desks and chairs designed for students of elementary, secondary, and high school classrooms;

      adjustable elements. Furniture designed for elementary grades should be height adjustable. In this case, while studying in grades 1-4, it will be possible not to buy new desks and chairs, but to adjust their height as the students grow up;

      easy to clean the surface. Wooden boards or MDF panels, as well as metal and polyurethane parts, have to be easily cleaned of impurities (dust, ink, gouache, modelling clay);

      functionality. Desks should have a bottom shelf for the opportunity to place textbooks and notebooks. On the countertop itself, a special place for stationery and a stand for a textbook can be provided. On the side, there are hooks for a backpack, and for a bag with a sports uniform and school shoes.



We carry out the production of school furniture providing certificates. The products differ by high quality, which has been noted more than once at regional and international exhibitions. For the manufacture of products at our enterprise, all the necessary conditions have been created, innovative equipment has been installed and is working properly, and leading technologies have been used. Desks, chairs, and other products are created of ecologically compatible materials.

If you are interested in high-quality, functional and safe school furniture from the manufacturer, please contact our company “BRASH”. We will select the most optimal solutions, fulfill your order in a short time and with official warranties for each item. Prices for furniture for schools will satisfy you with affordability, and delivery is possible around the cities of Ukraine.


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