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For infusion of drugs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, polyclinics, and at blood transfusion stations, medical tripod stands are used. Stands are necessary to support vials, bags, and other containers with various agents that are administered to patients intravenously. Our company “BRASH” carries out the production of stands for droppers, offering certified products in Ukraine for affordable prices.

Any dropper stand from our range of products is suitable for both healthcare institutions and home use. You can order suitable models of tripods, made of high-quality metal with anti-corrosion coating, stationary, dismountable, and on wheels. If necessary, the engineers of our construction design office will develop holders for droppers according to individual drawings.

What are Medical Stands?

Standard medical tripods CIT (continuous infusion tripods) are stands with legs, the upper part of which has special rings – lodgments, as well as hooks for fixing containers with infusion fluids. Practical grounds provide convenient and safe medical procedures for intravenous administration of drugs and pharmaceuticals during therapy, rehabilitation, and preventive measures.

There are also medical tripods designed for mounting:

–      protective covers and systems;

–      monitors for tracking the patient’s condition;

–      bactericidal lamps, recirculators, with the help of which antimicrobial treatment of premises and objects is carried out.

The dropper tripod, as well as products for attaching other medical devices, can be equipped with one or several holders.

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Dropper Tripods: Varieties and Features

Thanks to our own production base and a team of qualified specialists, our company “BRASH” offers stands of different models. You can select and order a continuous infusion tripod of a suitable construction design:

–      stationary, with a base in the form of a metal pipe, on stable legs, with the number of holders 2-6;

–      mobile, equipped with rollers with braking elements for easy and fast movement;

–      telescopic with the ability to change the height;

–      foldable, which is adjustable in height, has locks for securing the selected position, is assembled into a compact case.

Construction designs for long-term infusions can be equipped with a foldable crosspiece with 3 supports and rubber anti-slip pads on legs.

How Do I Order Medical Tripods From Brash?

For the manufacture of tripods in our production, high-quality steel is used that meets the standards and sanitary and hygienic regulatory norms in Ukraine. When choosing suitable models, we recommend paying attention to the following product characteristics:

  • a number of holders. Usually from 2 to 6;
  • a type of holders (rounded lodgments for bottles and vials, hooks for hanging packages, elements for fixing monitors);
  • a type of construction (foldable, mobile, stationary, telescopic);
  •  tripod weight;
  • the radius of the base of the legs;
  • anti-slip pads on legs or transport rollers;
  • stand height (if the model is with adjustable height – what are the boundary parameters);
  • coating – powder, anticorrosive, chrome-plated, resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, dirt and chemicals for disinfection.

To order a tripod for a dropper in our company “BRASH”, use the online form on the website or contact managers in a convenient way. If you know what models you need, you can immediately submit an application. If you need a consultation beforehand, our specialists will help you decide on the version of the medical stands. Providing you want to order tripods according to individual drawings, our construction design office will help you with it.


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