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Table support legs are an important part of table construction and are responsible for carrying weight, stability and visual apparel. Table legs come in a variety of designs: from single tube-rack, numerous legs to frame rack table. In our company “Brash” you can order manufacturing of table support legs of any complexity, in the required quantity, made with high-quality metal with anti-corrosion coating. 


Thanks to our own production and own experienced professional design team we can create table bases for different purposes: for office, bar, lab, dining tables; for coworking centers and the HoReCa industry. Our product stands out by its reliability, stylish design, functionality, versatility ( construction can fit for round, oval, square and asymmetrical tabletops no matter the materials used).

Опора для столу

Metal table legs manufacture: What should you pay attention to

We recommend paying attention to the following before you order the construction of table legs:

  • Design. Looks of table support could differ: from standard one-leg construction to numerous variations with multiple legs and unique shapes, in the shape of different geometrical forms;
  • Load-bearing capacity. How much weight could the table base for a  tabletop carry? Take into account the size of the base and thickness of metal/ steel;
  • Used materials. The most popular option for table support is metal legs. It’s durable, fits different styles of interior and comes in different colors;
  • Functionality. Constructions can have a height adjustment mechanism, rollers for mobility and stability, threaded insert;
  • Accessories. Fastening system, plugs, extra equipment elements – all of this should be high quality and guarantee reliable fixation. 


Our design team can provide you with blueprints so you can look in advance at your future product. The catalogs contain photos of products that you can purchase as well.

Types of table legs

Today, the most common and popular table legs are: 

  • Single ones, shaped as a simple leg;
  • Double and triple legs as well as four legs under one tabletop;
  • Telescopic, that you can adjust in height and width; 
  • Asymmetric designs; 
  • X-shaped, made out of one or more sections;
  • Decorative ( mostly used for small coffee tables).


The arrangement of table legs could differ relatively from the countertops (central, angular, along the perimeter). 


You can match table legs to the tables from various styles and designs:

  • Loft;
  • Minimalism:
  • High-Tech;
  • Modern;
  • Vintage;
  • Country;
  • Retro. 
Опори для столів
Опора для столу

Choosing material

Which material should I go with while ordering table legs? We have a couple of options:

  • Metal;
  • Wood:
  • Composite.


Taking many years of experience and reviews from our customers, we chose manufacturing metal table legs. Such table legs :

  • Can withstand heavy loads;
  • Do not crack;
  • Are resistant to mechanical damage, humidity, all types of stains, temperature differences, insects, ultraviolet radiation, disinfection products and other negative impacts. 
  • Comes in different shapes;
  • Don’t rust away and retain metal integrity for many years because of anti-corrosion powder coating;
  • Could be coated in any color from the RAL color chart. 


We offer table legs manufacturing made of cast iron, chrome steel and steel pipes. Such table bases could be matched with any type of tabletops; from plexiglass, wood, ABS plastic, made used metal, ceramics, natural or fake stone, concrete, laminated MDF board and chipboard.

Metal table legs from “Brash” company

In our company “Brush ” you can order the production of table legs for tables used in private homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, cafes, medical institutions and more. For preventing floor damage, metal table legs are equipped with plastic or silicone covers. The products’ surface is protected by powder coating or chrome plating.


 Versatile design is suitable for home, commercial and industrial usage. We specialise in one time exclusive orders as well as mass production. With us you get a  complex service that covers design, cutting out, assembly, coloring and coating.  Delivery of our product is available in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Dnipro and other cities in Ukraine.



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