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The production process, such as metal bending, allows giving metal sheets and pipes a certain shape by creating three-dimensional products and blanks without cutting, welding and forming seams. Company “BRASH” installed modern equipment and uses innovative technologies, which provides an opportunity to perform a process of bending of any complexity. By contacting us you can receive services:

  • tube bending;
  • sheet metal bending;
  • bending channel;
  • bending angle;
  • coil bending.

Sheet metal bending: features and advantages

Our production facilities carry out metal bending with the help of high-tech equipment. A big part of works is automated, and the advantages of this method of metal processing are following:

  • possibility to manufacture products of complex volumetric shapes, regular or closed profile, curvilinear angle, etc;
  • obtaining seamless metal structures that are less susceptible to corrosion, with high strength products;
  • bending of sheet metal of different types, stainless steel, black metal, non-ferrous metal with different thickness parameters;
  • absence of tears and other defects. Bending of each piece is carried out in accordance with all the rules and regulations;
  • affordable price. In many cases, bending elements of the construction comes out cheaper than the assembly with welding.
Work Process

Pipe bending

Due to our own full-cycle production our company performs not only metal plate bending but also bending of metal pipes with round or profiled cross-sections. In this case on one tube can be one or several bending radiuses at once. Due to the high quality of the work, no folds are formed in the inner part of the bent tubes. At our company the following pipe bending is possible:

  • water pipes;
  • sewer pipes;
  • designed for laying of cables for engineering networks;
  • gas pipes;
  • used in the manufacture of furniture and not only.

The cost of metal bending services

To find out how much does sheet metal bending or bending different types of pipes cost, please check our price list or contact our representatives in a convenient way. The price depends on the complexity of the order, type and thickness of the metal and the amount that needs to be processed. Also, the cost of bending of metal products may include additional types of work:

  • design with the development of detailed drawings;
  • laser cutting;
  • welding of complex designs;
  • powder coating.

Metal bending from Brash

Processing of sheet metal, as well as tubular products with bending, is carried out on modern equipment. The work of the automated line is controlled by professional specialists. Availability of design office allows us to carry out orders of varying degrees of complexity, with the provision of certificates. Production facilities are located in Lviv, Stryi, Sambor, and delivery of finished products is possible in cities in cities of Ukraine.


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