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Our manufacture has all the needed modern equipment that allows us to execute metal processing at any difficulty level. Contact our company “BRASH” If you’re looking for a company providing laser metal cutting services. With our powerful laser system, we can perform metal cutting with neat cuts,  raw material minimization and a faster process of fabricating the product.

What are laser metal cutting services?

The so-called laser metal cutting process is usually performed on high-class equipment. An integrated laser machine can process all kinds of metal, no matter the thickness of the material. Laser cutting of aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, black sheet metals carried out by laser beams, regulated from special software.

Laser cutting implies minimal contact of controlled laser rays with the surface. There is no mechanical impact on processing material that guarantees the absence of mechanical defects. This feature gives us an opportunity to execute not only a standard order but a laser cutting with complicated blueprints with high accuracy.

Work Process
Лазерна порізка металу

Advantage and features of laser metal cutting

Why today laser metal cutting services are popular among clients? The advantages of such technology are following:

  • High-speed material cutting;
  • Decreasing consumption of raw materials. Innovative equipment allows make minimal sheet allowance;
  • Absence of error or its lowest indicator;
  • No need to cut off the edge. After laser cut on the steel surface is perfectly smooth, that doesn’t need extra processing;
  • Cost-effectiveness of laser cutting method when ordering small volumes of product. No need for mould production;
  • Possibility of high-quality processing of hard and fragile types of metal ( stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper).

We offer laser cutting of pipes and producing exclusive shape signs, fences and other products if needed. Pipe cutting is possible with a products diameter up to 120 mm.

Our equipment technical characteristics

On our factory “BRASH” laser metal cutting is executed on modern  and powerful systems:

  • Speed – up to 10m of canvas in the minute;
  • Cut thickness – 0.3 – 0.65 mm;
  • Maximal size of the metal sheet – 3000 x 1500 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy – up to 0.05 mm.

Laser metal cutting is possible for materials with the following thickness:

  • Brass, bronze – up to 5 mm;
  • Aluminium – up to 8 mm;
  • Stainless steel – up to 10mm;
  • Black metal – up to 22 mm.

Price for laser metal cutting services

To find out the exact price for laser metal cutting you can check the price list on the website or you can contact one of the managers. Service price is impacted by the material type and complexity of your order. Cutting of black metals usually comes at the lowest price. More expansive would be laser details cutting of aluminium, brass, bronze and stainless steel. The thickness of the metal sheet as well influences the price.

How to order laser metal cutting services?

If you’re looking for laser cutting of metal sheet you can fill in an online form or our website or contact our team directly. We are offering the production of big orders for mass production as well as one-off products. Cutting of metal products is usually done according to the timetable. For laser cutting, we might need blueprints that are made in a special format. If needed our design office can cover blueprints for you.

Our work

Today in portfolio “BRASH” we have more than 800 completed individual projects, with numbers constantly growing and no less than 100 clients that we cooperate with on a regular basis. To get a close look at our finished projects, check out the gallery on our website.

Лазерна порізка металу
Лазерна порізка металу
Лазерна порізка металу

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