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To make it convenient for customers, we work on different conditions. You can make payment by recalculation with VAT and without VAT in any Ukrainian bank. Place an order – and get the details from the personal manager. The commission depends on bank rates.

Payment is credited when your money transfers are credited to the seller’s bank account. After that the manager will contact you in addition and will specify all details on shipment and delivery of production.

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Delivery is carried out:

New mail at its rates.

Own delivery service. If you want, by agreement we can deliver the goods by car, pre-agreeing on the price.

Free in Lviv, if the order is from UAH 5,000.

Return of goods

You can return the product or exchange it for another similar one under certain conditions:
  • The goods are not in the list of those that are not subject to return and exchange
  • The products were not used and were preserved in the same form in which they were purchased
  • Less than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the product
  • The goods are standard and are not made according to individual requests of the customer

If you still have questions, call: 067-556-7572