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Our company “BRASH” produces chairs for auditoriums in a stylish design, from high quality and ecologically compatible materials, in compliance with the requirements of standards and National State Standards. The furniture is suitable for equipping assembly and session halls, educational institutions, cinemas, opera halls, conference halls and the like. You can order theater chairs, as well as chairs for other rooms with the confidence to receive certified, reliable and durable products.


The main task of the seats installed in auditoriums is to create comfortable conditions for people. Therefore, the products are distinguished by their ergonomics, which contributes to the maximum comfort of the seat. Today we offer chairs for auditoriums of the following types:

–      with a soft backrest and seat;

–      vandal-proof, made of special polyurethane foam;

–      combined, with a soft seat and a soft backrest, PU foam armrests.

At the same time, the construction designs of the models can have a foldable (drop-leaf) seat, an adjustable backrest, armrests with space for drinks, reading stands (compact drop-leaf tables).

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Chairs for an assembly hall

You can order our chairs for an assembly hall, which will correspond to the style of the interior and will serve as comfortable seats for placing listeners and spectators during various events for many years. There are different features of such products, among which there are:

–      wear resistance of materials;

–      the presence of fasteners fixing the chairs to the floor;

–      the adaptation of the construction design to the anatomical characteristics of a person.

Thanks to these parameters, the furniture designed for an assembly hall provides the viewer with complete comfort during the visit.

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Theater chairs

The chairs that we create for theaters are not less comfortable than others. Products are made in a design that matches the interior design of the hall and in an impressive color palette. Furniture is characterized by the following advantages:

–      reliable frame made of high-quality metal;

–      spring reclining mechanism, resistant to intensive use;

–      soft seat and soft back;

–      sizes that contribute to comfortable placement for a long time;

–      large armrests with cup holders;

–      upholstery made of wear-resistant materials.

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Cinema chairs

The cinema hall should be equipped with the most comfortable chairs. Therefore, our company often receives orders of products for cinemas of the LUXE or VIP categories. These auditorium chairs are complemented by the following facilities:

–      high and wide soft back with a headrest;

–      wide soft seat with high-quality reclining mechanism;

–      cup holders for drinks or popcorn.

Moreover, cinema chairs have a wear-resistant surface, which can be easily cleaned from impurities and stains, and strong metal fastenings to the floor.

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Individual approach to each order

When making chairs for halls, we use modern equipment, introduce innovative technologies, and use ecologically compatible materials. You can order seats to accommodate visitors, spectators and/or applicants in a standard design or according to individual drawings. Thanks to our own production and construction design office, we carry out orders of various complexity for cultural and sports institutions, educational institutions and not only.


At your request, we can:

–      start up a serial production or produce small quantities of chairs;

–      supplement models with tables, soft armrests, number plates;

–      provide for products certificates confirming the quality and compliance with the current requirements of National State Standards and State Standards of Ukraine.

The main advantages from the Brash Company

You get certified furniture for conference halls, theaters, assembly halls, cinemas, session halls, planetariums from the manufacturer. The price of the products is affordable. In addition, we provide favorable discounts for wholesale regular customers, and there are loyalty programs in place. Our own full-cycle production, a team of professionals with many years of experience – all these make our company a reliable and promising partner for everyone.

Official warranties are provided for branded products. Production facilities are located in Lviv, Stryi, Sambir. At the same time, delivery of ready-made chairs is possible in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and other cities of Ukraine.




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